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live nativity HAYRIDE


Thank you for joining for our Live Nativity Hayride this past December 15th + 16th!

We are pleased to share that 1,650 people from New York Pennsylvania, California, and Texas joined us for this special event. We can't wait until next year when

it will be even bigger and better!

about the live nativity hayride


This unique hayride will take you on a narrated journey to experience some of the key events before and after the birth of Jesus Christ. You will travel back in time and encounter these scenes:

  • The angel Gabriel visiting Mary

  • The Roman soldiers taking a census of people

  • Joseph and Mary traveling to the City of David

  • The shepherds in the fields and their visit by the angels

  • Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus in a stable

  • Jesus' ministry to people

  • The cross and its meaning for us today

This outdoor event features live drama and animals that will provide a memorable experience for you and the whole family. There will also be an area where people can get up close and feed animals. Afterwards, enjoy free hot cocoa and cookies in our indoor Bethlehem village. Over 1000 people have attended each year, and we invite you to come and share in this unique and memorable event.

  • Is there a price for admission?
    No, the event is totally free. This includes the hayride, animal tent, hot cocoa, cookies and other activities that may be provided. It is our desire to provide this event at no cost so that everyone feels welcome to attend.
  • How should I dress?
    The hay ride and other activities are outside, so please dress appropriately for the expected temperature.
  • How early should I arrive?
    Our hayrides will begin at 6:30pm Friday and 5:30pm Saturday. You can arrive early, but please be aware that we cannot start the rides any sooner. Our volunteers will be busy getting into their places before the hayrides start at the designated times. You will be given a number in the order that you arrive to help keep an orderly flow of people when the rides do begin.
  • What should I expect when I arrive?
    There will be parking attendants to guide you into the parking area. You will receive a printout with a number and information to tune into a radio station. Numbers will be announced in groups so people know when to head to the wagons. You can choose to wait in your vehicle or get out to visit the animal tent or simply enjoy conversations with others while you wait. We will be broadcasting the numbers on speakers and project numbers on a screen for people to see.
  • How long is the hayride?
    The hayride is approximately 20 minutes long, with stops at several scenes that tell the exciting events leading up to Jesus' birth and the purpose of His life.
  • Are there live animals?
    Yes! There are animals in different scenes of the live nativity story, including sheep, donkeys and a horse. There is also a tent with more animals that people can be up close and feed. Some of these animals will include sheep, alpacas, (have to check on some others that are coming) We ask all parents to please keep an eye on your children and make sure that they are giving the proper respect to the animals. Even if you are used to animals or have your own, please be sensitive and listen to the animal handler.
  • Is there anything indoors?
    Yes. We will be serving hot cocoa and cookies inside our building, which will be decorated with a Bethlehem village theme. There will also be a prayer tent inside, if you would like to have one of our friendly people pray with you.
  • Are there restrooms available?
    Yes, there are restrooms available inside our building.
  • Can we reserve a spot in advance?
    We cannot give people reserved time spots. However, we have set up a number system based on when you arrive. You will not have to stand in a long line, but will have flexibility to move around while you wait for your number. If you are a large group, we cannot give you priority over others who have arrived before you. However, you can contact us ahead of time if you are bringing a large so that we are aware of the group and we will do our best to put the group on the same wagon.
  • What if I am physically unable to get on a hay wagon?
    There are a few steps to climb onto the wagon. Our staff can assist you up these steps. However, if this will be difficult for you, we can provide a vehicle for you to ride in behind the wagon and you will be able to enjoy the Live Nativity story. Please notify our parking attendants when you arrive, so that we can have our driver and vehicle ready.
  • What if it rains?
    Since the scenes take place outdoors, we would have to cancel if there is rain. We will update our website and social media pages if a decision is made to cancel.
  • What if it snows?
    If there is snow and the roads are open for travel, we will still host the event. However, if there are hazardous road conditions, we will make a decision to cancel in order to maintain safety. We will update our website and social media pages if a decision is made to cancel.
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