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You are loved.

We seek to be a place where all people can discover Jesus and bring His love to all of our communities.


Whether you are a skeptic, a new believer, or have been following Jesus for decades, AWC exists to lift Jesus high, offer hope to a broken world, and share the love of Jesus with our local communities.


family-focused ministry

Avon Wesleyan Church recognizes the importance of families and offers ministries designed to support and strengthen them.


Biblically-grounded teaching

Our pastors and leaders strive to provide biblically-grounded, relevant, and practical sermons and teachings that help everyone grow in their understanding of God's truth. In a culture asking deep questions, we believe the Bible has the answers.

Pocket Bible

authentic worship

Through a combination of contemporary and traditional worship styles, AWC seeks to create an environment that fosters heartfelt and sincere worship.

community engagement

AWC strives to serve our local community effectively by partnering with local organizations, providing space for events at our 4Corners property, and engaging in activities that share the love of Christ with our local communities

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