Our 2025 Vision

Family.  No one gets to choose theirs. Not everyone even has one. Nonetheless, we are all created for family. And yet, how many of us have experienced the brokenness that comes with family? The son longing for time from an absent dad. The mom who did everything right and is still losing a teenager to drug abuse. The husband and wife who want to live happily ever after, but can't even eat dinner together without getting into an argument.

We are all wounded through the brokenness of our world. And we are all in need of a family to walk alongside us in our brokenness. God's family is made of people like this, those who have experienced brokenness, but are being healed by God's love, a love that brings unlikely people together to live and grow alongside each other.

In Luke 15, Jesus tells a story about a broken family.  A son, who in an act of selfishness, walks away from his family, and experiences the wounds and brokenness that follow.  But in an act of pure, unexpected love, the Father welcomes the son home, unconditionally forgives him, tells him he belongs, and restores him from his brokenness.

We are a church made up of lost sons and daughters, yet God in his perfect love has called us home and told us we belong. We are a family of people who have failed and disappointed, but together we are being made new and whole.  As we continue to grow in this family as children of God, our hearts begin to take the shape of our Father's heart.


Avon Wesleyan Church is committed to being like our Father.  Like our Father, we will be on the lookout for lost sons and daughters and anticipate their return home. Like our Father, we will set our pride aside to run toward those who are broken and disconnected.  Like our Father, we will give people more than what they ask for or what they think they deserve.  Like our Father, we will hold nothing or no one back; all are welcome and all belong.


By the year 2025, Avon Wesleyan Church will be a church that looks like the Father, a family of adopted sons and daughters, committed to seeking those in the midst of brokenness and disconnection to help them, to love them, and to say, "you belong.”

Our Mission

What are we called to do?

Invite everyone into a Connected Life in Christ​

Our Strategy

How do we accomplish this mission?

Our Values

Why are we motivated to this mission?

Christ First

Because Christ loves us, we will love Him above all things.


Family Matters

Because God created the family as a reflection of who He is, we will care for and build up families.


Actions Speak

Because God's actions spoke so clearly, our actions will speak so clearly of Him.


Big Picture

Because God is redeeming His entire creation, we will join His work.


You Belong

Because Christ invites us into His family,

we will invite others to belong.

Our Measures

What does a connected life look like?

Listens to God

Intentionally sets aside time, individually & corporately, to listen to God through reading scripture, prayer & worship.


Leans on Others

Purposefully engages in a church community to find accountability, support, & friendship.


Thinks We, not Me

Generous with time, talents, & resources.


Loves through Action

Joins the church in loving and serving others by meeting needs.


Shares Faith

Prays for & pursues opportunities to share faith & invite others into church community.

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